Ornica is an ancient mountain village 50 km from Bergamo inside the Orobie Park.

The village, located at an altitude of one thousand meters, in the upper Valle Brebmana, has kept intact a lifestyle on a human scale, with the slow rhythms of nature, made up of simple and genuine things: the village with old houses to pass the winter, the huts for the summer haymaking and the pasture for the grazing of the cattle.

Mountain Women: a group of women from the village will drive you to the heart of the village to fully breathe the agricultural atmosphere, history, culture in contact with the residents and to feel part of the community, sharing customs and traditions. In short, you will be a little bit tourists and a little bit Ornichesi.

Ornica town: is the promoter of the Ancient Rural Village, an innovative tourism project that enhances the area, dispelling the image of a small mountain town, isolated, backward and closed in on itself.

Winter special
The village is located at the slopes of Pizzo dei Tre Signori, an important destination for ski mountaineering. You can go to the ski resorts of Valtorta-Piani di Bobbio, Monte Avaro, Piazzatorre and Foppolo-Carona-San Simone.