We offer to groups, primary and secondary schools and CRE groups an educational path of 4 hours to discover the rural life of the heart of the Orobie park. Our path includes:

Wool workshops : children will discover how yarn is obtained from the wool wad using all the various tools themselves. The transformation phases will be explained in detail during the wool supply chain. At the end of the workshop, the children will be able to take home the jobs made.

Path of meadow and wood: children both in summer and in winter (snowshoe walk in case of snow) will have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our territory. During the excursion the rural and mountain characteristics will be deepened and on the occasion it will be possible to see the huts and understand how the peasant life of the past was.

Laboratories of milk and stracchino: children will be able to see how milk is transformed into stracchino being the direct protagonists. During the processing, information on the cow and an explanation of the various stages of transformation will be provided.

Radio galena laboratory: children will be able to learn how from a copper wire, a piece of galena and a headset you can pick up the radio waves and listen to the radio Galena . They will also be able to see ancient radios and learn the principles of the Morse code.